Why We Chose Stalwart Craft’s Aprons

We Chose Stalwart Craft for their quality aprons because they their brand of aprons is totally different and far more fashionable than any others in existence, using high quality Fair Trade materials to make sure they are enjoyed, cared for and designed to be life-long partners to anyone who wears them. They say;

“Our passion for aprons was born in Holland in 1997. In the last 19 years the business developed a lot, but the love and passion for handcrafted aprons never faded but only became stronger when it was passed from father to son. Today, Stalwart specialises in handcrafted leather aprons made in a atelier in the Netherlands”.

Quality is our highest goal, that’s why our leather is selected from the finest source specifically designed for aprons. Stalwart leather aprons are tough with a distinctive character. They are perfect for restaurant and bar staff, food preparation, home cooking, BBQ’s or protection for craft activities”.

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