The internet is a bit like any High Street.
So many online stores, mostly selling the same items, and prices not too different from one another.
And just like in any town, if you want something a bit special, or even just a bit different, there are places where you can find such things, but you have to go a little further than the usual places to try to find it. Well, you’ve stumbled straight through the front door of ClockWork Toad Company.

ClockWork Toad Company has grown out of two different businesses- firstly we have over twenty years of High Street retail experience behind us, but we decided that online we could offer our range to everybody rather than just those in our High Street location. Secondly, we provided, until recently, a local garden design and maintenance service which was extremely popular.

So, this website draws on years of experience to bring you the unusual for your home and garden, giving you access to some really beautiful and different things for your home and garden, and all at a keen competitive price.
Nonetheless, quality and value are extremely important in everything we sell.

What’s more, our site has many Fair Trade or ethically sourced items. The Fair Trade products that we sell are sourced via a company that takes great pride in checking that Fair Trade standards are being applied, for instance: adequate lighting and ventilation in the workplace, gender equality, and no child labour. They are a member of WFTO who regularly monitor their performance against the ethical standards set by WTFO.

Additionally, we try to minimise the impact our business has on the environment by:
Selling products made from sustainable and/or recycled materials
Shipping goods by sea and not air
Recycling waste
Recycling postage and packaging materials
Reduce energy usage.

We are a small British company that works with other trading partners bring together a great range of products as an alternative to the big multinationals who dominate the internet. Enjoy your visit here, and please come back because we do have special seasonal offerings from time to time, including rare and unusual herbs, vegetable plants and perennials for your garden.
So, have a look through our online shelves to see what you can find!
There are many great gift ideas here, as well as loads of things to buy for yourself.