Children’s Gardening

There’s nothing healthier for your child than being outdoors and getting out into the fresh air, and they can really enjoy it too! There are lots of different ways to keep them active, and helping you with the gardening is a great activity physically and socially, which helps to bind the family together and give them a basic grounding which will help their future too.

They can easily learn about different plants, how to grow them and how plants can help the family in growing their own food.

And whilst outdoors, they become more aware of the weather, the seasons, the garden bugs and other wildlife. Healthwise, it helps children with developing their co-ordination and building physical strength, and it engages them with their senses aiding sensory development.

National Children’s Gardening Week is between 25th May to 2nd June 2019.  The website, has exciting events listed and some great project ideas.

has exciting events listed and some great project ideas.

We have a great range of quality childrens tools made by Burgon and Ball, who work closely with the Royal Horticultural Society, and  they have been making tools since 1730.  With National Childrens Gardening Week approaching we are offering £5.00 off any order of children’s gardening tools on any order over £50 placed before 2nd June.

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