Fair Trade

We’ve all heard of Fairtrade, but do you really know what it actually means? Fair Trade has a mission  to connect worldwide farmers and poorer workers with the consumers of their produce and products , so as they can more fairly share in the proceeds of their hard earned work. This then combats local poverty, and they can take more control over their futures. So when is trade ‘unfair? It’s when these workers have to sell their product to big corporations for a pittance, usually without the knowledge that their hard work is making profits of many, many times the money that they are given for their labours.

Fairtrade is about fairer payments to them, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade between farmers and workers in the developing world. The ability to use the term and the Fairtrade logo is only given to companies that agree to pay sustainable prices, which are at least priced at the market value. Fairtrade, therefore, addresses the injustices of conventional trade. 

Fairtrade enables you to do your bit to change the world every day by your supporting those who display the Fairtrade logo.  You can get farmers and workers a better deal, and enjoy the dignified life everyone deserves.

The first Fairtrade Mark was awarded to Green & Blacks for their cocoa growers and workers in 1994, and among many other products, over a third of all bananas sold today in the UK are Fairtrade bananas!

Many of the items that we show are FAIRTRADE, and we go out of our way to seek them out.