Clockwork Toad is all about the stunning, the unusual, the conversation pieces and, wherever possible, the recycled and Fairtrade, for both inside and outside your home or business. Our ranges are ever changing by giving you fresh ideas to make your space truly unique. See for yourself….

We offer specially selected themes ranging from ‘Industrial Style Furniture’ which really makes your living or working areas stand out, being practical yet unusual. Many find this style ideal for loft living or to give any room that 2020’s feel while bowing to our engineering history.

Or perhaps our opulent velvet sofas, chairs or benches, with a passing likeness to the grand royal days of France suit your room best. Our French Furniture range could transport you from your room to the heart of Paris.

Maybe you should soak up British history with a comfortable evening sitting in our beautiful leather armchairs, the Churchill, the Eden or the Baldwin, where you can do all your thinking with a glass of port, perhaps.

Particularly popular are our shabby chic and rustic style furniture lines which, like just about everything else that we have, you just cannot find on the High Street or on mainstream websites.

Our beautiful range of real leather aprons are great quality and made to the highest standards. They make the perfect gift for the chef, the craftworker or in the garden. They can last a lifetime and are something really special.

We know how important the finishing touches are You can complete your unique look with our room accessories, like recycled metal sculptures, salt lamps, fire screens lamps, lighting and mirrors. Many of our room accessories, homewares and ornaments make wonderful unusual gifts too, but probably best to keep them all for yourself! 

We also have the perfect choice of home pool, snooker, electric air hockey football, and table tennis tables for your home or business too!

It doesn’t end indoors either. For outdoor spaces we can provide you with some wonderful leisure tables and chairs, fire pits and barbecues and garden game. For the wildlife in your garden, we have lovely insect houses, bee hotels and nesting boxes. You can even spy on the little residents with our infra-red cameras. For those finishing touches, we have wonderful conversation pieces like garden sculptures (small and large), and garden mirrors.  We have a quality range of garden tools and potting shed equipment. If you want to go further afield, our marvellous picnic hampers will see you right through the day!

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