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Beeswax Candles and Products

In short, the benefits of Beeswax Candles is that the Beeswax ionises and cleanses the air as it burns. Candles made from beeswax have a very long burn time. No harsh chemical homogenisation, bleaching, chemical deodorisers or petroleum products. Candles are usually made from paraffin. Beeswax smells lovely so no need for added fragrances. Does not emit toxins when it burns. Promotes sustainable ecology and supports bee populations. No rainforest clearance or worldwide shipping. No Genetically Modified agriculture.

Nature’s Beeswax Cornwall is headed up by Alex Williams who has been working as a Complimentary Therapist for 20 years.  She is also an Environmental Scientist with a deep interest in Ecology, Sustainability and our Interaction with our Local Environment.    Based in the beautiful fishing village of Mevagissey in Cornwall, Nature’s Beeswax Cornwall has been using locally produced wax produced from her cousin’s bees. Being a qualified Aromatherapist, she has formulated recipes for a great Solid Body Moisturising Bar and Lip Balm. 

Why is beeswax the ultimate wax?

Non-processed, completely natural product.

Does not emit toxins or smoke when burned.

Emits negative ions which neutralise harmful, positive ions in the air such as allergens and dust.

Supports local beekeepers to maintain hives to increase pollination and improve the ecology of the local environment.

Beeswax production does not have any harmful effect on our environment nor does it use up valuable natural resources.

Set of Three Natural Beeswax Body Lotions

Why is paraffin wax harmful?

When burned it emits highly toxic emissions which may be carcinogenic such as benzene and toluene.

A by- product of the petroleum industry, paraffin has to be highly processed and bleached before it can be used for candle making.

Source of indoor air pollution.

Highly processed product which is harmful to the environment.

Why is soy wax harmful?

Soy production has a value as a food product but can be overcultivated causing environmental degradation.

Commercially produced soy wax relies heavily on GMO crops and heavy usage of pesticides, harmful to health and ecology.

A highly processed product which must go through many stages of production including chemical bleaching and deodorisation.

There are hidden petrochemical components in soy wax and some soy candles have paraffin wax added to them to improve burning.

Why are scented candles harmful?

The chemical content of scents and dyes added to candles can emit toxic fumes when burned.

Some scented candle wicks also contain heavy metals in the core.

If you wish to fragrance your room a safer way to do it is to diffuse essential oils or use essential oils in either an electric oil burner or use a beeswax votive to heat the oils.

Set of Four 100% Beeswax Tea Lights

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